Kevin DeLoach

Books Read in 2020

Feb 4th, 2021

I read 27 books in 2020. Mostly science fiction, followed by software development, and productivity. Here’s a brief summary of the top 3 books I read this year as well as the full list.


Raising Lions was the most practical and useful. It describes methods to effectively discipline children with compassion to prevent behavioral disorders. After reading this book, I began to use frequent yet short 1-2 minute timeouts immediately after bad behavior occurred. This turned out to be highly effective. Recommended for new parents.

The Nature of Order was the most challenging. The premise of this book is that beauty is objective and comes from properties which are present in nature and living structures. The book describes 15 geometric properties discovered through empircal research in great visual detail.

There Is No Antimemetics Division was the most unique. The story is about an organization which must defend the world against highly unusual interdimensional creatures. The creature in this story has the unique ability to erase itself from the memory of anyone who becomes aware of its existence. Part of the SCP Foundation universe.

Here’s the full list in no particular order:


Science Fiction



Productivity & Self-Help